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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tifo?

Tifo is a mobile app which is focused on sports supporters club activities in order to enhance communication, events, and camaraderie.

On which mobile operating systems will Tifo function?

The mobile app runs on both Android and iOS phones.

In which countries does Tifo function?

Tifo is released in all countries but our focus is currently in the United States and Canada.

What sports does Tifo cover?

Tifo works for team-based sports around which people tend to gather. It is built for sports fans who enjoy watching games and spending time together.

My favorite sports league is not available. Can Tifo add it?

Tifo will be happy to add leagues based on interest. Please contact us to tell us if we are missing your league.

What does Tifo cost?

In the current release of the application, all features are free except for the store. Pricing for the store is available here. Our plan is to have most of those features to remain free in perpetuity. However, future releases may contain premium pay-to-use features to help us sustain and grow the platform. Prices for those features have not yet been determined.

Can anyone use Tifo?

We welcome all sport fans who are 18 or older.

Can I request a new feature to be added to Tifo?

Yes, we are very happy to hear from you. Please click on the Contact Tifo link in our website’s footer to send us your feedback. We will read through all submissions and reply promptly to anyone who requests a response.


How can people find and join our club?

Anyone can download the Tifo app on iOS and Android phones. Then they can search where they live or by city/town name to see the available clubs in that area. They can click on the club they’re interested in, view that club’s information, click Join in the top navigation, and finally click the Join This Club button.

Also, anyone who is already a member can open the app, click the More menu item at the bottom of the screen, and click Invite People to Club. That will allow you to invite your friends to your specific club.

If a supporters club requires membership dues, can I pay those dues through Tifo?

​Yes. Also, you can join as many supporters clubs as you like.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can join a particular supporters club?

No. You can have a very small supporters club or an enormous one.

Do you have family memberships?

No. All Tifo accounts and club memberships are separate at this time.

How can I leave a club that I joined?

Open the Tifo app on your phone, click the More link in the bottom menu, and click Cancel Club Membership.

What are the main benefits to a club’s members?

Tifo ensures your club’s members can view upcoming events, a list of other members, chat, media uploads, and more. Members can select whether or not they will attend a given event, which shows everyone how many people are coming.


What is a club super admin and a club admin?

The club super admin is the person who first set up a sports supporters club on Tifo. That person’s email account will be the primary one for accessing the club’s Tifo management features on the website. Using the mobile app, the club super admin can designate other persons to help them with app administrative tasks. These are the ‘club admins’.

What can a club admin do that club members can’t?

While the club admin role does not have privileges to manage the store (potential future feature), club admins can share in the responsibility to manage club events and members using the mobile app.

Why are some administrative features missing from the website as compared to the mobile app and vice-versa?

The mobile app was created prior to the website launch. We will continue to add administrative features to the website that are not currently available. However, some features which are not ideal for smartphones, like store administration, will only be available on the website.


How do I set up my store on Tifo?

Please follow the store setup instructions here.

What payment options are available in the store?

We currently support all major credit cards for store purchases.

As all the payments are processed through Stripe, club administrators need to create a Stripe account that will link their bank account with the platform so they can be paid for the purchases.

What shipping options are available?

Shipping products to customers is the responsibility of the store administrator. While setting up the store, the store admin has to also set up general shipping options (for example, set up which U.S. states the club will ship to, as well as the cost of shipping). Then, once the items are shipped, the store admin has to input tracking information so that the recipient can track their order. Please refer to the store setup how-to for detailed steps on setting up the store and configuring shipping.